What is Accoya?


Accoya wood is the perfect choice for decking, providing natural beauty, strength and all weather performance.

A long lasting wood product with outstanding
performance characteristics such as a 50 year
warranty above ground use and exceptional
dimensional stability.


•  Will stay flat and not warp, split or swell
•  Will not be affected by fungi, water uptake or rot.
•  Is non-toxic - totally safe for people and pets
•  Is barefoot friendly - doesn't heat up

Accoya decking has been proven to avoid the high
thermal gain which is a problem with some deck and
terrace materials, making it barefoot friendly and the
ideal material for outdoor decking.


Accoya decking - Diamond Wood


•  Easy snap and click system, installs in minutes
•  50 year above ground warranty (25 years in-ground/freshwater)
•  Virtually rot proof
•  Resistant to salt and can be used around saltwater, e.g. marina decking
•  Improved insect and termite barrier performance
•  Resistance to UV light
•  High strength to weight ratio makes it suitable for challenging applications
•  100% recyclable and naturally renewable
•  Non toxic, no adhesive, no mess, truly ecological & “all natural”


Accoya decking - Diamond Wood Accoya decking - Diamond Wood
Accoya decking - Diamond Wood
Decking, Thailand

Decking, China

Decked pier, China

Accoya decking - Diamond Wood
Accoya decking - Diamond Wood
Accoya decking - Diamond Wood
Decked walkway, China Decking, China Decking, China


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