What is Accoya?


Accoya® Wood is ideal for cladding, siding & facades due to its dimensional stability, durability, insulation value and natural UV resistance.

Where aesthetics and less frequent maintenance are critical, Accoya® Wood is an ideal choice.

Independent tests have shown coatings last longer on Accoya cladding / siding than competing products. The durability of Accoya wood means a decreased overall life cycle cost. Accoya’s versatility makes it ideal for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures.


• 100% recyclable and naturally renewable
• FSC certified wood
• Class 1 durability - guaranteed for 50 years
  above ground
• Superior resistance to UV degradation
• Energy saving (hot/cold insulation)
• Extremely temperature resistant
• Factory coated for excellent long-term
  protection, very little maintenance and
  easy cleaning

• Lightweight - minimal extra
  loading on existing walls, intermediate
  floors and foundations
• Reduction of acoustic contamination
• Wide range of colours, layouts, profiles,
  and dimensions
• Quick installation - incisions in the panels
  not required; sealant not required
• Invisible attachment system


Accoya Siding in the Netherland

Accoya Cladding in China

Accoya Siding in the United States
Factory Siding,The Netherlands Cladding, China Siding, United States

Accoya Cladding in Thailand

Accoya Siding in China

Accoya Siding in China
Cladding, Singapore Siding, China Siding, China

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