In every stage of the life cycle Accoya provides compelling environmental advantages.

All claims about sustainability of Accoya are always referenced to recognised standards. The environmental performance of Accoya is thoroughly tested and published following uncompromising leading independent international methodologies such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA following ISO 14040/44) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD following ISO 14025).

In addition, Accoya has acquired the most respected ecolabels worldwide.

Carbon footprint – cradle to gate

In a carbon footprint assessment, the
greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) during the
life cycle of a material can be measured, and
compared to alternative products in terms of
kg CO2 equivalent (CO2e).

A carbon footprint assessment was executed
for Accoya® wood by Verco based on a cradle
to gate scenario. This includes the sourcing,
harvesting and processing of the input timber,
as well as all energy and raw material
consumption and waste production in the
Accoya acetylation. The results are shown on
the right.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(kg C02 eq per m3 of material)

Accoya greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon footprint – cradle to grave

The chart on the right shows the greenhouse
gas emissions per m3 of Accoya® wood
from the Verco report, translated into real life
application of a window frame, in order to
account for the use-phase aspects such as
material use, durability, carbon sequestration
(following PAS 2050 guidelines),
maintenance and recycling scenarios.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (cradle to grave)
(per window frame per material in kg C02 eq)

Accoya greenhouse gas emissions (Cradle to Grave)

The results show that Accoya® scores significantly better than metals (aluminium), plastics (PVC), and unsustainably sourced hardwood and is on par with sustainably sourced (certified) hardwood.


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