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Accoya® wood has been evaluated according to the VFF Merkblatt HO.06-4 for its suitability in
RAL certified joinery. Final acceptance of Accoya® wood was given in April, 2010, after a
provisional acceptance period, and it has been added to the “approved” wood species list of the VFF
(Joinery and Facades Association).
• Lightweight - imposes little increased loading on existing wall, intermediate floors, and
• Energy saving (hot/cold insulation)
• Reduction of acoustic contamination
• Extremely temperature resistant
• A minimum service life of at least 60 years in accordance with BS8417
• Class 1 durability, guaranteed for 50 years above ground
• Superior resistance to UV degradation
• Factory coated for excellent long-term protection, very little maintenance and Easy cleaning
• Risk of cracks is greatly reduced
• ‘Breathable’ cladding, environmental friendly
• 100% recyclable and naturally renewable
• Quick installation - incisions in the panels not required; sealant not required
• Invisible attachment system
• Wide range of colors, layouts, profiles, and dimensions
• FSC certified wood


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Accoya Siding in China

Accoya Siding in China
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1. Introduction
2. Applications
3. Product Composition
4. Performance of the Solid Accoya® Cladding
5. Panel size
6. Finish
7. Edges
8. Installing Fixtures
9. Installation
10. Care & Maintenance
11. Warranty


1. Introduction

The Solid Accoya® Cladding panels are manufactured from our extraordinary Accoya® wood, which provide an ultra-high
performance that exceeds even the best tropical hardwoods. The cladding panels can be quickly and easily installed with special
stainless steel fixtures. No need for incisions in the panels. No sealant required. The installation is an entirely ‘dry process’.

All Solid Accoya® Cladding comes with a limited 25-50 years warranty against manufacturer’s defects for residential and
commercial use.

2. Applications

The Solid Accoya® Cladding solution is based on a tried and tested modular principle, which allows you to choose from a wide
variety of Cladding colors, layouts, profiles, and dimensions.

The Solid Accoya® Cladding is well suited for exterior, interior, industrial and specialty architectural applications, including:
• Exterior Cladding
• Garden Fences
• Interior partitions
• Waterscape & landscape
• Cabin partitions
• Bathroom & Sauna house
• Swimming pool/SPA enclosures
• Signage
• Corporate identity
• Kiosks

3. Product Composition

The Solid Accoya® Cladding is manufactured from solid Accoya® finger-joint boards. The finger-joint board is finished by
grooving, brushing, drilling, CNC routing, laser routing, and etc to meet the layout requirements. All the exposed surfaces are then
coated with wood wax oil specified by DWC.

4. Performance of the Solid Accoya® Cladding

Durability Class 1 via EN350-1 & EN335-1
Thermal Conductivity
=0.13 Wm-1K-1 via EN 12667 standard
Fire Rating

Class C via ASTM E-84
Higher ratings can be obtained through coatings and fire retardant treatments

Apparent density 510 kg/m3
Deadweight Standard Value 84.966 N/m²
Bending Strength 39 MPa 5656 psi
Bending Stiffness 8790 N/mm² 12,700 psi

Swelling (20℃, 60% relative humidity-wet)

Length direction 0.07%
Width direction 0.71%

Swelling (20℃, relative humidity 60% - 95%)

Length direction 0.03%
Width direction 0.21%

Shrinkage(20℃, relative humidity 65% - 25%)

Length direction 0.09%
Width direction 0.35%

5. Panel Size

Panel Size

Length 2440mm 8'
Width 397mm 15 5/8"
Thickness 17mm 5/8"
Approx. Coverage Width /Pc 384 mm 15 1/8”
Coverage Wall Area /Pc 0.937 ㎡ 10.1 sq.ft.
Approx. Weight/Pc 8.1 kg /Pcs 17.8 lbs /Pcs
Approx. Weight/㎡/sq.ft. 8.6 kg /㎡ 1.76 lbs /sq.ft.

Unit (6 pieces)

Approx. Weight

49  kg

108  lbs

Coverage Wall Area


60.6  sq.ft.

20' Container (600 Pcs / 100 Units)

Approx. Weight

4900  kg

10800  lbs

6. Finish


• Natural Accoya® wood is creamy white with light brown lines. Darker colors can be achieved through staining and coating.
• We can supply uncoated cladding panels. We highly recommend the semi-film forming coating system.
• All SKU cladding panels are fully coated with branded wood wax oil with the following formulation: Bactericide, Fungicide,
Solar Filter U.V. + waterproof. 4 colors are available:


1. Classic

2. Modern

3. Random

Note: Custom order profiles available - customer to provide CAD files/drawings.


The direction of the texture/woodgrain is parallel to the panel length.

7. Edges

Edges for Outer Corner

Each pair is assembled with 2 sets of stainless steel corner connecters and screws.

Straight Edges

8. Installing Fixtures

Stainless steel

The specialized fixtures for installing the cladding panels are all made of SUS 304 stainless steel according to the requirements
of European, American and Japanese metal standards for outdoor applications.

If the Solid Accoya® Cladding is to be used in a “seaside” environment, please indicate at time of order-fixtures to be customized.

Although stainless steel is generally resistant to corrosion, the surface is susceptible to cosmetic deterioration by the effects of
salt water, sea mist, chlorine from pool water, and air-borne chemicals. These spots in no way affect the strength, integrity or
longevity of the cladding panels. They are simply superficial discolorations that require cleaning to restore the stainless steel to its
original appearance.

Fixture Specification


Material: SUS304 stainless steel

1.5mm thickness

Size: 48x25x10mm

Diameter of Aperture:φ5mm

Pieces packaged per panel:14 Pieces

Cross recessed countersunk head thread forming screws:

Material:SUS304 stainless steel


Pieces packaged per panel:14 Pieces

9. Installation

The Solid Accoya® Cladding can be installed on subframe of a variety of common materials such as light-steel studs, section
steel piles, wood studs, and etc. When using metal as subframe, we recommend using thickness of at least 2.5mm. The subframe
should be pre-drilled and treated to prevent corrosion or rot.

For ordinary applications, the distance between joints is 400mm, and no more than 480mm is allowed. We recommend using
C steel piles with standard dimensions such as 80×40×15×2.5,100×50×20×2.5.

Due to the excellent dimensional stability of Accoya® wood, the minimal distance between 2 panels length wise is only 3mm.
There will be no need for sealants unless the durability of the wall or the subframe is a concern.

For the panels that will be cut or planed, it is strongly recommended that the surface be sealed with wax oil or other water

Installation Details

CAD files of the installation details are available upon request.

10. Care & Maintenance

The Weathering Process
Your new Solid Accoya® Cladding will appear coated when first assembled. The Solid Accoya® Cladding is so durable and
stable that it requires little, if any, maintenance, and can be left outdoors year-round to weather naturally. While the rate of
weathering varies depending on climate, moisture and exposure to sun (the weathering process will occur faster in moist
climates and slower in dry climates), your cladding panels will eventually acquire a beautiful texture as the oil on the surface
begin to evaporate and the pigments fade. During the weathering process you may notice “checking” or very small cracks that
appear on the wood. This is perfectly natural as wood expands and contracts slightly when left outdoors. Checking is cosmetic
only and in no way affects the structural integrity of the cladding panels. Water spots or other discoloration may also occur
during the weathering process but these will even out with time.

The only maintenance necessary for the Solid Accoya® Cladding is periodic cleaning. Light debris or dirt that may collect
between the wood slats can be removed with a stiff broom, leaf blower, vacuum cleaner, or you can use garden hose or
pressure washer. First, hose down the panels with fresh water. Leaves or other debris falling between in the gaps in the panels
may be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Difficult stains such as coffee or tea can be removed using a mild household
cleaner/detergent and a soft bristled brush, repeating as necessary.

Care should be taken to avoid heavy or sharp objects being dropped on the Solid Accoya® Cladding, hammering on the
panels or excessive pressure being exerted by sharp objects on the edges of the panels.

Although the Solid Accoya® Cladding panels are pre-finished with a wood wax oil containing UV absorbing properties, the oil
will not provide a permanent protection against UV weathering. UV degraded wood surface has a more open structure and
this allows surface molds, stains, mosses and algae to penetrate and develop. They do not, however, cause rot with Solid
Accoya® Cladding. The most common surface fungus is blue-stain which is actually black but combines with the light color of
the wood to give a grayish appearance on the surface. Stains can also be caused by use of aggressive cleaning agents, foods
and other substances inadvertently left on the panel surface.

To delay potential discoloration issues as long as possible, we recommend a semi-film forming coating, an oil-based stain or
some other type of hydrophobic agent be applied every 2 to 3 years depending on the prevailing climatic conditions.

Indoor Use
Solid Accoya® Cladding can be used INDOORS.

Solid Accoya® Cladding may be left outside all year round without outdoor panel cover. Snow and freezing temperatures will
not harm the panels. If you prefer to store your panels, we recommend doing so in a dry, unheated garage or garden shed.

11. Warranty

When used appropriately and maintained properly, Diamond Wood guarantees that this product will remain sound in ordinary
usage for 25 years. Normal wear and tear, fading of exterior surfaces, and general weathering, which is common of any
outdoor product that is exposed to natural elements, is not covered under warranty. The Solid Accoya® Cladding will need to
be periodically cleaned, painted and coated.

The warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original residential purchase and only to the original location.

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